I Write What I Know

I'm a writer and I write what I know.
I write to give light to the things I don't show.
The dragon in my heart, the knight in my soul,
These are all things, I think you should know.

I've learned through the years to write what's unsaid,
To write about things that most people dread.
What happens when zombies take over the world?
Or a teenage boy cries over some stupid girl.

To tell what it feels like to live life alone,
Trying and trying thinking your chances are blown.
To see the hardships we face every day,
From a new point of view, see it someone else's way.

I'm a writer and I write what I know,
The people I see, and the places I go.
The adventures I have and the things that I see,
I write them all down because that's just me.

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