I, Your Shadow

I, your shadow, am trailing after my sun.
I, the one who is shackled to the image
you attempt to pursue.
I, the one who was left to collect fragments of glass
Broken from the mirrors you've used.
The pieces cut my hands
Like thorns to a rose,
And I tried to look through the shards and see me,
But all I can see is you.
You see yourself as a king,
Don't lie because I know
You believe the world revolves around you.
Even still all I want is for you to be happy
I think, I hope,
In truth, I am unsure at this point.
How do I to break this
"Cycle of hate"
I don't want to not love you
But what else can I feel?
In the earliest part of the morning
My thoughts run a million miles a minute
But because I've convinced myself
It's better to be like you
I waste it on wondering
"Why can't I be great too?"

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