IAM HOPE WITH, Love at the The cross

By LOVE   

Love at the The cross
Turn up at the cross
Piercing hands and feet at the cross
Turn up next to the murderer and thief at the cross
Looking down at Marie at the cross
Turn up watch god son bleed at the cross
Claimed he was Blasfamening at the cross
Punished for all the love he had caused at the cross
As the masses had watched at the cross
Those he babtized at the cross
Changing the world one miracle at a time
There is no denying he was the cause
Arriving as had been long prophesied
Signs from the stars
guided the wise men to his birth in a manger
his life stolen by kings
33 years later
His only crime blaspheming for who he really was
The son of God at the cross
A gospel of eternal life
The love and healing and gifts that he brought
12 desiples testify the perfect sacrifice
He was, on the cross
Before his death he cried out at the sky on the cross
Father they no not what they do
Placing no blame he as God's son, knew
On the cross
Three days in a tomb ,
he rose for all to see
After the cross
Holes in his hands and feet
he ascended to heaven
Not just a man some believe
He was God's son before after all on the cross
His body in tack, telling his followers one day he would return, nothing lost
2 millennia the future,
We gather in mass and worship at the cross
not death rather this sacrifice and who payed the Our final eternal cost.
Leaving heavens gates open
forgiveness and love under God's laws.
The lord's son sacrificed by man at the cross
He paid the price for man at the cross
He lived he died for us at the cross
God's son sacrificed at the cross
He rose again,
for our lives, the new law finalized
another chance to return with him,
in heaven for those who choose stand. And be baptized with him
The true shepherd findin the sheep once lost.
Turn up at the cross
God has the power
The cross does not
His mistreatment yes
Do not mourn his loss
Seeking the lord look
to the light even worship
in the hour of darkness
God is with amongst the living
Sharing loving healing giving his winnings
Remembering christmas time a he was born the christ child to be lost
The cross has no power,
thanks to him over us
He did as man could never pay the cost
Turn up gifts in his presents
Turn up As he bears witness of us
Turn up,God son saved all of us all at this death on the cross
Turn up, Because the cross,
a punishment for man
Could never brave to save us.
Gods son gave his life at the cross
To rise and shine at the cross
Devine at the cross
Let this season remind
Turn up, love, follow him be god like,
without the cross And let GODS light shine
for alla us.

AND HE SAID HAVE FAITH, where there is none for iam the one, THE FRIEND FOR THE LONELY, the food for the hungry, the shelter For the tempered, I AM HOPE delivered to this hopeless place. The light in the darkest space. kingdom come, THE PATH Paved in gold, WITH, his sacrfice, it is done how amazing, Amazing Grace. THIS EASTER gifted DAY. 2000 YEARS AGO GIVEN AGAIN TODAY. Not just amen, the SUN OF THE LIGHT. With us threw the very end.


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WROTE THIS IN NOV 2018 AROUND THANKS GIVING TIME, figure id wait and drop it, for easter. LOVE JSTURNER