Icing On A Bitter Cake

Gossiping birdies in the bushes they're so quiet yet so loud

I see them peekin' hear the sneak dissin' and all I think of them as clowns

People want to see you do good, but never better then they are

Focus on the moon beautiful child, most are too busy counting the stars

Let's all take a toast to those wanting to grow and succeed

Ignoring the bullshit and taking extra heed

Just because you are a big bright shining star

Don't dim your light just because it's shining too bright and they can't see

You aren't the problem beautiful woman, they are

Let them put their hater shades on

Live your life in confidence leave the hottest sun burn

Perseverance and success an imprint to the 5th degree for all to see

I call it ambition, motivation, selfless love, and zero greed

There's no need for validation to think of yourself better then any other

We all have the same blood, the same God

Humanity bonds us as sisters and brothers in each and every way

It's true that each of us are a mysterious and unique soul

Each one with a different path countless many roads and a different journey we get to unfold
Just rise above the pettiness and shine like a beautiful queen should

Everything you do from your heart, you seem to still feel so misunderstood

So you keep everything to yourself like you think that a strong woman should

Everybody needs a shoulder to lean on at some point during their pain and strife

One doesn't know just how strong they really are until that choice is death or life

Sometimes mistakes need to be made more then twice or thrice

The beauty of free will sometimes overrides the reminder of the venomous sting of Karma's bite

Everybody wants the whole entire cake, I want all the icing and just a tiny slice

Just want to build a beautiful empire for my children so they can learn and grow and live right

Give them the opportunity to get taught everything they need to know to have an awesome life

Filled with integrity and respect, loving women and treating them right

I've been a mother and a father and I am doing what I can knowing I tried my best at the end of the night

I am proud to say that I am a strong beautiful soul that the weak ones are intimidated by and can't stand

Instead of banding together and making me a friend that could spiritually lift up and to each other extend hands

A tribe of strong women that can love and support one another until the end

They sit in the background cackling and wasting time involved in my life making them look so grim

Like annoying flamingos with their passive aggressive heads buried in the sand

I know that God has a personal plan for mine and my boys lives'

Just need to keep the faith, keep my heart on guard, and love the Lord until the last sentence of my story line.

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