Icy Prediction

Woke up ice cold today.
My breath is visible,
I'm cold to the touch. 
My lips are blue and my fingers are numb. 
I start to bleed.
Parts of my body feel like they have been hit.
Random bruises appear on my body,
Hand prints from people I dont know. 
This icy feeling flows allover my body. 
I'm shacking and crying. 
It hurts to breathe.
A scene is unfolding in front of me.
An icy prediction of truth. 
Ice cold tears fall from my face as I shiver uncontrollably. 
My throat swells. 
This pressure of being choked is present.
Hands feel like they are wrapped around my throat.
Cutting off my oxygen intake I start to fade.
Then it stops. 
On the brink of death saved by a cry.
An icy prediction is foreseen.
Many have been played out
Just one now stands alone.
Hopefully a mother's realization, and fathers love will be enough to save me. 
An icy prediction unseen by anyone but me.

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