Icy Waves

I brace myself as I fall
Into the cold salty water
The little bubbles from my splash
Tickle my skin as they float,
Resembling small jellyfish, up
Up to the surface
The sun's rays dance with the waves
The sparkling surface
I breathe out
The air from my lungs escape
And I begin to sink.

The water gets colder
The light fades away
As I sink to greater depths
I tried to swim up
But my muscles are frozen from the cold waters
I wonder if my body will float to the surface
Once the ocean has claimed my life,
Or if I will sink all the way down
And become food for another
Will I wash up on a shore somewhere
After my body is swept by the current
Just to be found by someone walking along the beach
Am I important enough to show up in the news
Or will my death just be pushed aside
Like a deer hit by a car,
An inconvenience to the world.

My thoughts are becoming weak
I wish I did not have to die this way
But being thrown into this icy water
I did not have much of a choice
My lungs begin to spaz
And I know this is the end
There is only one thought left in the darkness that overcomes me
I do not want to die.

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