He’s alone in this dome he calls home
All he can do is roam s
For the comb
It keeps him straight
From all the hate
Makes sure he’s in shape
For their all coming at him at a fast rate

He runs away from the pain
He can’t explain he knows he’s insane
He thinks to himself it’ll be ok

Where am I
I don’t know this place
His mind begins to race
Has he changed
Has he always been this way
I look around but it’s different every day

It’s me
I am he
Is this what I’m meant to be
Is this my identity
(Long pause)

It’s ok to be this way
Maybe I’ll just stay
Now that I think
I like it up here
I will take the wheel
And know how to feel

I know who I am
And I finally Understand
I know who I am
And I finally Understand

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