If it was torn off
We would shriek in pain
Unjust, inhumane
Crying, not knowing what to do next
We've been fighting so long we now worship this torture
Embarrassed by its weight
Yet intrigued by the lightness left in its place
Defaced and terrified by the unknown and unchartered light before us
We search for a quick substitute,
Anything to satisfy what it used to consume
Who knows what this uncovered darkness will reveal
The possibilities are overwhelming
Terrified of the options we have a glimpse of
Running breathless
Make it stop. It is too much
We must stick to what we know
I am it and it is me
A new one is found - We hold tight
Never will it be lost again
Run home, fit the new it
Safe and sound we repeat,
I am it. it is me
For an instant, we rebel. What is free?
Shaking head. Stupid woman
We repeat
Free is it. It is me. I am free
Light laugh
Let it be

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