She is warm at heart strong and bold
Defying unnecessary bondage ;She soared higher every single day
Pushing through each and every wreckage.
Social boundaries and stigma cannot contain her ,
Education the thunderbolt in her hands ,
Breaking down self limitations she goes ,
Bold and confident she stands .
Neither colour nor caste , nor religion
Pushes her into her shells ..
She's born to grow , to lead and believe
Leaving behind her trails...
A daughter , a sister , a friend , a teacher ,
Let her voice resonate through generations , No power ever can stop her ;
Leading to disintegration.
Who is she ? She is You and I , she is the Sunflower and the Blazing Heat .
The First Showers of the season
And winters' cold breeze .
She is stronger than what society shuns , Bravest of them all ,
She's on her quest to conquer her odds , Set to task , to break the ice and crash like waves on shores ,
Her mission is far from Oblivion
Till the sun shines bright on her Horizon.

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