Some people think I'm shallow,
like the depth of a kiddie pool.
When in actuality, I'm deep like the ocean bottom,
so much that hasn't been explored.
Some people call me pretty, while others call me beautiful.
I look in the mirror at myself, and I call them delusional.
They see something that I don't.

When I see myself I just have to groan;
I never see beauty.
More like a girl who's ever so lost,
trapped within myself paying the ultimate cost.
Pain, sadness, depression, and self-loath.
No matter what I do,
I can't seem to pull myself out.

Out of the darkest hole I've ever fallen in.
Out of the deepest water I've nearly drowned in.
And out of the hottest fire I've ever been burned in.
Battling so many wicked demons,
just trying to find an identity.

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