Beyond a reasonable doubt,
I am the fox in the henhouse,
The wolf in sheep's clothing,
I am a Sun Tzu graduate,
With a Master's in creating false comforting,
But there's a reason for my madness.

I am the burden of proof,
That's in the pudding,
That left a bittersweet taste,
In the mouths of many,
Yet I am not known to split hairs.

Since I've always been in tune with my surroundings,
Like musical chairs,
I am fully aware of my position in society,
But I've decided to play it by ear.

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This Poems Story

I'm Eugene Evans Michael Jean-Pierre, Junior, an optomistic college student from West Palm Beach, Florida. I am majoring in Multimedia and Digital Communications with a passionate interest in Biblical, African, Afro-American, and Caribbean literature and poetry, as well as Irish, Indian, Chinese and Japanese folklore. As a self-proclaimed Otaku and black nerd, I pride myself in writing simple yet complex poems that reflect my mood at the moment. My creative process always involves jazz music, a bowl of sweet plantains and Arizona sweet tea. In terms of a career, I see myself as a successful animator, author and family man.