Overturned truck. Small fire. Screaming. Blood.
He's just a kid from Alabama, told you a few weeks ago
he's never really been laid. His leg's gone.
Another isn't crying, isn't doing anything
It doesn't look anything like his wedding picture, smiling.
scanning the nothingness.
Eyes out! Eyes out! Looking for what?
Doesn't matter, see it before it sees you.
Shit, we need a tourniquet.
Tell my wife, tell her I love her.
No, you'll tell her yourself.
Where's that bird?
Nothing from the line.

The chaplain says they have moved past suffering.
That doesn't help you, your suffering. That won't help you
when you drive the same road next week.
Kyle sends you a letter yeah he's home.
Got a new girlfriend. She's cute as a button,
missing a leg from a car wreck, met her at rehab.
That's great man.
Fuck you. Bastard.
Why is he home?
Why do I hate him?
Nine months of this. Nine more months.
Then home.
What'd you see? What are firefights like?
I don't know. I don't wanna talk about it.
That bad, huh?

Ignore it. Block it out.
Pretend it's not happening.
Pretend you're not here.

That's what the IEDs are for.

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