if 2020 was a diary

Gentry : poetry
poet : Abdulraheem muhammad fatihu
poem : If 2020 was a diary!

if 2020 was a diary!
my diary's name will be miracle,
my preface will base on deceived,
all my words,will be logical,
many uselless things,its received.

if 2020 was a diary!
my first chapter will deal with january,
irritable things,its recovery,
goes to where month was end,
jump it, till when its end.

if 2020 was a diary!
my 2nd chapter will base on covid,
neither ways its good, nor solid,
whether ways it should, nor david,
never chemical is it,nor acid.

if 2020 was a dairy!
the next 9 months will base on lockdown,
never be on top,had falled down,
ain't be a word,not noun,
ever be an estate, nor town.

if 2020 was a diary!
my word will goes to the month we in,
to stamp all rubbish, with pin,
never stay to silence, started din,
want build their words,to win.


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