” IF …?”

If if was a Fifth ?
We'd be gettin' drunk !
If if was a Bag of Treez ?
I'd twizt and smoke a Blunt !

If my Mother was a Man ?
She'd be my Daddy !
If I was a Pimp ?!
I'd be whippin' a Caddy !

If I was You ?
I woukdn't be me !
If I was your Dogg ?
I'd cock my leg up when I'd pee !

If she wad a Man ?!!
She couldn't be a Chick !
If he wasn't Gay ?!!
His Azz ,... it wouldn't take Dick !!

If she wasn:t sellin' ?
Free would be the cost !
If God would of never made Eve ?
Adam would of had to Jack off !!

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