I want to put an end to their words
they doubt what they say
“If” this, “If” that and
even ”If” today
If we all could stop saying “if”
then the world be less hesitant
“If” we use words like when and where
we could be less focused on the future
and start with what is right there
don’t start a sentence with “if”
because then there is no meaning to it
your dedication and determination
demands dependency, but using “if” you will fall to your calamity
“I will” “I am” are phrases you should say
giving force to your words make it stronger in a way
don’t hypothesize the future
start a new chapter in your life
and that book will consist of words
that only you write
“If I do this” what about “I will do that”
You’ll reach goals faster
and know where you are at
Speaking letters by letters we talk all day
about possibilities
that will not even stay
Less talking more working to complete
the match you made by not saying “if”
so open the hatch
to the world that lies
beneath your feet,
no “If I take a step”, rather “ take a step with me”
no fear, no pause and take on the street
stop using the letters I..F.. and use ones like A..M..
and take a stand against possibilities and vote for we
we are not “if, we are not “maybe”
we write our own book, so look
look for the actions that you can take
to the future that only we can make
this is what I will say
to the people of tomorrow and today
I will not rain down chances
I will drench them with solutions
for their problems and issues
and help them win a revolution
for the kids I will see with my own eyes
no more convincing lies
“if” is in the past
so don’t be last
to make a change
I did.
to” if’s” dismay

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