If a Man

If a man walks the same path every day for the rest of his life
Is he truly living?
If his eyes are windows to his soul
Can his soul still hide, not to be seen?
If a man is robbed of his identity
Is he still himself?
If he is destined to impact another life
Can he choose to step aside?
If a man is born to be somebody
Is it still his right to become and die a nobody?
If his life is set in stone
Can time still change the slate?
If a man is tossed into confusion
Can he choose to stay lost?
If his right is to leave justice in the stands
Can he still be convicted?
If a man is tangled in the past
Can he truly be free again?
If he always looks to the future
Can it affect his present?
If a man has lost his life
Can he choose to walk the line?
If his soul has been set free
Will he always be in his own company?

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