If, and If So, Why

Outside. Flower. Red. In bloom.
If I picked and planted it, would you place it in your room?
Human. Friend. Loving. Kind.
If you truly knew me, would you change your mind?
Mind. Problems. Discouraging. Black.
If I lost all my problems, would I ask for any back?
What if we were meant to be?
What if we met again?
What if you forgot the past,
Would you love me then?
Questions. Doubts. Worries. Whys.
If you knew love hurt like this, would you even try?
Friends. Joy. Memories. Hi.
If I knew that I love you, why did I hide?
Treats. Restaurants. Smiles. Dates.
If you knew I loved you then, would you still wait?
Sadness. Confusion. Darkness. Rain.
If I had only waited, would you have felt less pain?
What if this never happened?
What if we never met?
What if this is a warning
That we must wait to connect?
Moving. Change. Distance. Cries.
Would you love me better if I remembered to say goodbye?
Ending. Hurt. Broken. Tears.
If you have only been gone a day, why does it feel like years?
Crying. Sobbing. Looking. Hiding.
If you moved on so quickly, why am I still crying?
What if this never happened?
Would I still be fixed?
Would I be better or worse off
If our lives had not mixed?

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This Poems Story

I actually did not take a lot of time with this poem. The first sentence came to me when I was just thinking of what to write and the rest fell together (after some solid editing). ;)