If Aphrodiute Had Laid Newton

Edges, contours, places between:
I have traced those limens
With my traveling tongue,
Have followed the course
Of your iliac crest from the Mons Pubis
To the place where the torso
Breaks from the body.
I have followed with fumbling finger
The outline of your face
From the bottom of your ear
To your well carved neck.
I have made of your figure
The ground of a bed
Have undraped the sheets
And have clothed you with the flesh of my eyes.
I have swelled your breasts
With the cups of my triangulating hands
Have calculated with Cartesian care
The asymptote of nipple.
I have differentiated your curves
With the calculus of Is
Determining with precision the area under your smile.
I have protracted my ayes with lines on my face
And I know now the circumference of the circle
Of sex.

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