If feeling could be played as a movie

If feelings could be played as a movie,
nothing more will feel more better,
tons and thorns in the heart would be noticed,
and you could fill it hard.
Very well to begin with,
in a certain world full of imperfections,
a dream girl thought it would be perfections,
but ended up messing herself due to imperfections,
her heart is not in the right state and will not be in the right state until the world stops and changes for her.
poor girl!
hardly did she know the world yet full of misery and wickedness,
selfishness, mischief, cruelty...
not knowing that it is, 'you have to continue fighting for your life',
''Life indeed.'
It wasn't certain easy unless you committed it to God.

Should I call this a horror movie?
Where my feelings are being displayed on a watch.
Temper, anger, broken hearted, desperate to make it,
who would fill up this space?
Treasures yet to be released I think,
going on hunt for Success, but found nothing for now,
how long would it take?
because i don't want to lose out of patience,
but patient to receive the fattest meat at the end,
but my heart must continue to be filled with good things.
Aha! the word, 'right state',
But what if I failed?
because I did.
And I failed once and twice and thrice
and broke me,
I wanted to lose guard,
I wanted easy ways to things, easy answers to expensive things, easy doors to treasures,
Easy things that the necessary hardwork wasn't kept in it.
All that kept me and elevated me was God.
I am trying to cope so I can and will make it at last,
but I will keep on holding myself,
because the most patient dog eats the fattest meat.
Finally found a friend in myself, my forever motivator next to God and the Holy Spirit.
But God saved me and he kept elevating me, even when i wasn't prepared,
even when i didn't prepare to make myself worthy,
He still stood for me and He still saw to it all.
Dear Lord, if not for you, I would have died in this thought,
Thank you, Lord, for for-ever renewing this thought with your love, with your words, with your promises, with your comforts and with few great! friends.

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