If He Himself

Now who are we to go against him?

If he himself challenged God.

We do not evoke his name in vain,

We say he is the bad guy, but who are we to judge?

We are truly one in the same.

We lie, cheat and steal.

And never take the blame

How are we really that different?

He had the ugliest laugh.

His teeth weren’t the best.

I’d always say to myself between these three I wouldn’t choose him.

But I look back at that picture and if did have that choice

I would run to him and only him.

Over and over I would choose you.

But now that you’re gone, what do I have to lose?

If he himself was once an angel.

The root of all malice, the start of all evil

We each have crossed a line, and disobeyed

But pray to be forgiven

But Who prays for Satan?

We say we are against all evil

But we always choose

the lesser of the two.

So, we fall in love with pretty things

And not decent human beings.

Can we really be okay?

Say if I fell in love with Satan.

Would it honestly be that bad?

If he made the night dance around my feet

Filled my empty heart with sweets

Which is something I have never had

He wore my soul like a gold chain

It was always broken but never thrown away.

If Persephone had Hades

Couldn’t I be his fair lady?

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