If I die one day

If I die one day
Maybe the sun will rise again
maybe the rays will fall on my bed again,
maybe it will be a little bit brighter.
Maybe the wind will blow through the trees and houses
maybe a little bit stronger.
Maybe the leaves of the trees will move
some may fall and some may remain still,
But I will not be there to feel those things.

Maybe mother will scream and cry,
maybe father will stay still.
Maybe they will be shocked.
Maybe the neighbors will come
just to see what\'s happening,
to interrogate them.
then maybe they will return to their normal life.
But I will not be there to see those things.

Maybe in school,
there will be one empty seat.
Maybe the drawings
I once drew on the desk, will get rubbed.
Maybe my friends will miss me.
Maybe a bit harder.
Teachers may unconsciously call out my name,
But I will not be there to hear those things.

Maybe on the way back home
someone new will pat the cat
and he may remain quite
like once he did to mine.
the small flower bed I once build
will become dry and die
like the tears of my eyes.
But I will not be there to touch those things.

Maybe one day the sky will become dark gray,
the wind may become heavy
and it will rain without thunder.
But I will not be there to enjoy
those little drops of water on me.
then what\'s the use of dying?
Even in pain, let me feel alive.

Let me feel,
let me see,
let me hear,
those things that might lessen my pain
even if it\'s in a dream...

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This Poems Story

This poem allowed me to express my emotions and feelings through words. At some point of time people may feel they are not worth it but it is more than that. 2 weeks ago the reason for which I can\\\'t kill myself not because I never wanted but I was afraid, afraid of hurting those few people I knew and afraid of hurting myself. It scared me because I do not know what is after that but imagination.