If I die tomorrow

If I die tomorrow the walls will melt.
the doors will grow and the grass will dance
and the dripping of the water that once flowed
from the faucet will finally stop it’s trickling.

the silence will take over.
my bed will soon hold a million plastic pillows,
and my rug will oose with green goop.
my flower garden will grow guitars,
and the clouds will reek of acid.
the silence has taken over.

but it’s not what you think.
see what you didn’t realize was that the walls have
always melted, and the doors have always grown, and
the grass? well he hasn’t always danced, but he does

the silence? he took over long ago.
but you, you failed to notice.

and now, i’ve died tomorrow.
and the green goop that once grew in me,
now grows in you. your clouds now reek of acid,
just like mine once did.
all because I died tomorrow .

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