If I Had One Wish

If I had one wish
I'd wish for you,
To see yourself through my eyes
If just for a moment or two.
For if you could see yourself
The way that I do.
You'd never have any doubts
Of the things you're capable to pursue.
You would never again wonder
If your best was good enough,
Or worry about someone else approval,
Because really people just suck!
Your self confidence would soar
A smile never to leave your face.
Your aura impenetrable
With good energy never displaced.
You'd never question your self worth
Or if you belong,
ou'd have no more insecurities
And know that you're incredibly strong.
This life would never intimidate you
Not in the least.
The world in the palm of your hands,
Limitless are the heights you could reach.
The people that surround you
You'd trust with all your heart.
Cause you wouldn't surround yourself with those
Whom secretly hope to watch you fall apart.
My loves, my life, my awesome kids
If only you could see,
This world is yours
With all its benefits to reep.
Love who you are!
With everything that you have!
You are such amazing young people,
Far more great than I ever could have asked.
When you look into the mirror
Try to see yourself through my eyes.
You are flawless and perfect
Your only limit is the sky.
Love yourself fiercely
Don't you ever entertain self doubt,
You take this life head on
Letting nothing and no one change what you're about.

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    This Poems Story

    This poem I wrote to my amazing children.