If I Shut My Eyes to Listen

If I shut my eyes to listen,
The wind might let me hear.
Maybe it would sound your voice
As a whisper in my ear.

Or shall I rather squelch the noise
And pray to steal Time's sight?
Maybe I would glimpse your face
Reflected in the light.

Or shame the vision and need it not,
And simply plant my feet?
Destiny might show you my spot,
You'd seek me out to meet.

No, no, I shall not wane,
Bend will, nor take their bait.
I am coming to find you, dear girl
I will forge my love, my fate.

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This Poems Story

Though it may seem like I had a specific girl in mind, this poem was actually inspired by my desire to find love in someone I'd not yet met. The subject of the poem considers waiting for the forces of the universe (the wind, time and destiny) to reveal her to him, but ultimately, decides to take matters into his own hands and find her himself. The moral, if there is to be one, is that love is something you must actively pursue and work hard for.