If I was gone tomorrow

If I was gone tomorrow to shield you from my pain and sorrow.
The pain you would feel in doing so would just reflect why I must go.
To find the answers that I seek I must first find out what make me unique.
Not a talent or gift that others have too I must find myself and discover what I can do.

My journey will begin and end rather fast.
Are the answers that I'm looking for located in my past.
As I type my mind wanders wearily.
I'm as confused as you the reader so I thank you dearly.

My future uncertain and always changing.
Even though everything around me is so amazing.
We have evolved above others as superior.
But they do not have to worry about the social barrier.

You see battle and wars aren't always fought using guns and sometimes there just inside of someone.
People battle sorrow every day but they still wear a smile to disguise the pain.
You don't truly understand what goes on in my head.
Because if you went inside you would probably end up dead.

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