If I was that Girl

If I was that girl in that little black dress,
Would you save me now or leave me to rest.
You see me cry, you see me bleed,
What can I do now to help me breathe.
I know I’m only 14 but I have a lot to say.
Don’t believe me now, just choose your way.
Can I be that girl that changes your mind
Oh wait, I’m sorry that I am not on your line.

Sometimes I try to do good, but I just can’t be
It’s hard to get myself to do things that ain’t me.
If worst comes to worst, I have my people that come first
Remember one thing through every dark night, There is
a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it gets,
Stand up straight, keep your head up, and just handle it.

No matter how much pain you’ve gone through, it’s not like
your on your deathbed, am I right? Just listen close, don’t change your mind I will be right here, right by your side. If you see me, don’t run away,
I am here to save the day. If I was that girl with the blonde hair, blue eyes wouldn’t you change your mind, I know you could and you would.

People treat people different that is that. But why I ask. Let’s just say
there’s all kind of people, but aren’t we all related in one little way. It may not seem like it but we are. In my beliefs we were all created under one person...God. People do believe different but that is ok. I like mine and no one can tell me differently. I just don’t understand why we have so much hate in this world. It’s 2017 and what is going on. A ton of things. Like fights, shootings, car accidents, stabbings what else.
What can I do to stop all this, not much. But we all can stop this for good. We just have to come together in religions, people and make this a better place to live on. In my words you are you. You can make your decisions, so I can’t make you change your mind, but I know some minds are like mine too. So follow me and you will succeed. I am that girl, no longer in that black dress. I am that girl in the white dress.

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