If I Were an Angel

My wings feel broken, unable to fly
I sit on my cloud ready to cry
For I see you flying, flying so high
Off in the distance, playing like a small child
I want so badly to fly with you again
To laugh, smile, and feel the wind on my skin
But I'm unable to mend my wings on my own
I cant' find a reason to sing songs anymore
You took off with the first gust of wind
Didn't even look back with an"I'm sorry" grin
I'm sitting on my cloud ready to cry
Because I am not with you, and can no longer fly
My feathers are tattered, weathered, and worn
For I had to battle an unholy storm
By myself I sit and wonder why you took off knowing I couldn't fly
Leaving without me, I'm so out of place
I didn't know we were having a race
You'll finish first, and I'll finish last
But I know my pain will soon pass
If I were an angel, and you were a dove
We would sing songs, songs about love
Flying the highest mountains, and the lowest seas
We would be together, eternally
For if I were an angel, and you were a dove
We would have nothing-but songs about love

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