If I Were Someone Else

Fathom the idea of being in another's shoes?
You may feel there's nothing to lose.

But what would you truly accomplish by this?
What if in your true life some glory you miss?

There's a saying from one who was so wise,
"Who's grass is greener on both sides?"

My wonderful father would always say,
"Be happy to be you at the end of day"

"The things we choose to only see,
Are the illusions from which one grows envy."

"Don't get lost wanting something which isn't yours.
Because that is where you'll find only closed doors."

In translation ; We are exactly who we are supposed to be.
There is nothing better than you being you and me being me.

Love your life while it is here for it won't forever last.
Find things great in your harsh or your easy past.

Then grow from them as best as you can.
Surely there is an adoring inner fan.

Then and only then you'll have achieved true peace.
Suddenly you'll feel an overwhelming release.

In all things we are given it is tasked for us to conquer.
Where is the sanity to pass along our struggle to him or her?

Personally I am happy just to be alive today.
And I'll fight to prove it in every single way!

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This Poems Story

Grateful to be alive and well even if only for a small moment, It truly is a tremendous blessing in my eyes.