If It Means Anything

To say that you don't matter is a death sentence for humanity.
If you don't matter then neither her nor he
Or the rest of them means anything because
For someone to have the intrepidity
To say anything positive regarding themselves
Is looked down upon by the many insensible people
Walking in shoes too small
Because wearing a size that fits them makes them look like
An abandoned clown from a collapsed circus
But what are the fake and fabricated lives we lead
And what is the truth--where is the veracity?
Somebody has to matter and if not to you then to him and to her,
To those who live in the sense of rectitude and see you--
Not in the way you see yourself--
But in the way you actually are.
Who are we if we can't praise ourselves for being just that--us--
The laughter lines and tear-stained cheeks,
The dauntless and the crack up vagabonds,
The I love you and the shaking hands,
The conceptual truth and honorable lies
If we can't find something worth loving in ourselves then
We can't expect to love with the ferocity that we want to

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