If it wasn’t for you

If it wasn't for you I would still feel blue because you gave me hope, a new feeling of happiness, a sense of security, all in my world of uncertainty, if it wasn't for you.
If it wasn't for you I would still feel empty, no where to hide...then i found you....a place to run, you gave me pride, a place to share my life, all my feelings deep inside. I would have hid them all and felt ashamed and small....if it wasn't for you.
If it wasn't for you, my tears would still fall. Some nights while under the stars I wish they would just stop. But they refused to let go. Then someone came and stopped them all. That would not have happened if it wasn't for you.
As long as I live, God as my witness I will always have a place for you in my heart and I promise that my sweetness. For as long as I live and breathe and thrive...I give you everything in thanks for my revive. Because if it wasn't for you I would have lost myself. Not knowing where to go. You make me feel alive. A feeling I can not hide. All of this.....because of you.
No matter where your life takes you. No matter where you may be....I want you to know someone cares about you deeply....and that would be me. No matter if you cry. No matter if you loose all care...I will always be here waiting. That would be me.
No matter how cruel life is...no matter what it gives...my arms are here no matter your fear. I want to be your friend. If anything I hope I can contend. You have someone who is there in person and I pray he comforts you. And gives you what you need. And is there for you in the end.
But if you need that something extra, I promise not to pretend. My feelings are real and increase as each day gets longer...my darling if it wasn't for you I would never be stronger. .

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