If It’s Real

If it's real like you, how could you stand to stay alive
In a world that's unjust where we ignore our babies' cries?
If it's real, how does it feel to bear arms with your fears?
Because they made us hate ourselves and turn insecurities into wealth.
If it's real, then like Martin Luther King, I too have a dream:
People will start to recognize that killing each other is a genocide.
If it's real, then you ought to respect me;
I'm your woman, shouldn't you protect me,
Heal me? My brother, do you feel me?
Without us, there is no you,
For we are the barriers of all life; you didn't choose us, we chose you.
Ladies, if it's real, you should walk with your head held high-
Know your worth, so no man can ever tell you otherwise.
Know that you're God's precious gift, the second creator of all life.
If it's real, we should all form as one.
Three is a crowd, and no man can fight an army that stands so proud.
If we began to love each other, maybe the violence will stop;
If we began to love each other maybe the cries will stop.
If it's real, then change your society
So that when you walk with pride and dignity, no man can ever deny me.
I own the right, but respect is earned, my brother;
Then, it is passed on from generation to generation, one to another.
So if you want to show me it's real, this is how:
keep the tradition going that our ancestors have bestowed within us.
Once it's too late, we'll be wiped out like animals-
extinct to the new kids on the block.
Yeah, the block is hot, the block is hot, baby.
But drop it, drop it.
Pick up a book and change the future, so I know it's real.

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