If Life

If life's a sea then what are we,
tossed and swept by salty waves?
Are we the wheeling gulls that cry,
their voices lost as they soar by,
Are we the castaway the tide's swell saves?

We're tossed and blown, and feel alone,
Lost in the frothy greenish swell.
Will we lose hope, forget to trust,
fall prey to every wind and gust,
Yield to the storm? Only time will tell.

Are we a shell tossed by the swell,
Swept back and forth, thrown on the sand?
The force of tide wears us away;
we're faded by the salty spray,
vulnerable, God holds us in His hand.

If life's a story, then Your glory
is written all throughout.
I want my voice to speak Your name;
I want my life to do the same.
Lord Jesus, I am Yours without a doubt.

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