If Love Could Talk

What would love say?

Will she tell me about your kisses?
How they taste like sugar,
Feel like my pillow at 2 a.m. after pulling an all-nighter,
And remind me of when
We saw that rainbow as children.

Will she explain why all the little things are important?
Like how you still use bunny ears to tie your shoe laces,
That you disagree about which way the toilet paper roll goes,
And why your fits of road rage
Make me laugh.

Will she sound happy when we use her name?
Is she excited when I whisper,
"I love you," in the middle of the night?
Is she glad that we feel her presence
With us everywhere we go?

If love could talk,
Would she tell me I blush when you smile?
Will she tell you to hold my hand,
While we walk down the street?
Does she love that we love each other?

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