If My Heart Was A Violin

If my heart was a violin then you played the last string, you promised forever and I fell for your lies, I ain't gonna fall for them anymore you keep coming back with your arms open wide, but I don't need you so turn around and walk away.
I've already said my final goodbye, I've cried my final tears for you I won't cry for you anymore I have someone new to cry for and love, somebody other than you someone to lean on someone true. Someone to take away all the pain, someone better than you.
My wounded heart has found someone new it found completion and love in somebody's arms other than yours, my heart's already healed and found someone new. Someone better and true someone who wants me, someone who will fight for me. Someone who took my wounded heart for their own someone who will protect it with their arms and love.
That someone is braver than you so turn around and walk away and find someone else's heart to play, mine found someone new I really don't need you so leave my heart alone. Because it belongs to someone else, my heart won't pound for you anymore. It pounds for someone new someone other than you, so don't come back to me because I won't even look your way anymore my eyes will only look at my somebody new.
By: Vera Rice!

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This Poems Story

It's about love lost and a new love found.