If Not For You

By CMaly   

I don’t have time to settle in,
All these matters pressing me again,
Spoken, broken, scattered to the wind,
I would be consumed, if not for you.

A hundred directions at my feet,
I never know where they will take me,
Guessing is the best that I could do,
I would be lost without you.

There are trials that I have yet to overcome,
Mountains that I cannot climb alone,
For the broken heart that yearns but can’t let go,
You are the only strength I know.

Through the fire, reduced to soot and bones,
You are the refiner, turning ashes into molds,
Breathing life where none is known,
You are the only hope I know.

Lead, and I will follow,
If I have anything of value, make it your own,
What is left of me to be desired, take it all,
Let it be known, I am yours and yours alone.

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