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If Only

To have you here would be normal for anyone else,
but your gone and that's normal for myself.
I cant help but picture my life with you,
would you add misery or take from it to.
Meeting old relative says I look just like you,
I look in the mirror and see a broken girl with two shoes.
Because the love of a father is irreplaceable,
to accept the fact I will never have it will have to be acceptable.
I wish I could say I have all the best things in life,
if only bringing you back would be something money can buy.
They say everything happens for a reason,
why I have to hurt this much is my only question.
I know your watching over me,
with so many things you want to say.
I feel your presence on my toughest days.
Waiting till the day we are together again,
from a 24 year old girl who's father is dead!

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