by Daphne D. Brown
Today my words will be in silence
For today,
in my mind, images raging
across the screens a blur others can only see
For me,
The blur consists of,
Only darkness follows,
Always the weak hearted,
Negativity surrounding,
becomes stagnic,
Will always be the final outcome
For the smiles are a characters cast,
The laugh their faces enforce,
coming across an empty room,
The wicked, a spell ending with a life consequence
they choose to face,
Their ignorance as the eyes refuse to lie,
Surrounding the soul a choice chosen to exsist,
in a place without reality,
My head held high,
Walking with the earth below my stand,
A beam from the shimmering sun,
guides my path, the righteousness,
I choose to walk,
Once was the Holy ground,
A road I now choose,
listening to my soul speak
To the heaven's above,
As I hear the winds reply,
I have always been,
I will always be,
Guiding you,
To a life, Your destiny must take

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