If Only for One Night

Give me tingles that race down my spine
My skin wets with anxious persperation
As yours is pressed to mine
And excitement garners every once of my focus
Your lips will perigrinate the fleshes
As suits their butterflied fancy
Kiss me like your first and last
Breath was mine, always is
You have me as an animal
And i want more
And ill have more
Thigh to thigh to my ear
You tell me stories of gusts and gales
The howling winds whose seeds are sown
Deep in the profundidies of your breast
Dont tell me no, dont say to stop
The collision of our passion is no means to an end
(It is an end to itself)
You lie on me as dew on forest moss
And is such a life giving embrace as thus
Conform to me, you are my jigsaw
If only for one night, as only there ever is

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