If REASON Is The Reason

When people say that they do not believe in God, I cannot help but feel baffled.
How can someone so amazing, and omnipresent, not be perceived?
Someone as sovereign as the true king?
It is ludicrous.

To be omniscient; all seeing, well aware, perceptive, and most of all Artistic.
Artistic to have created each and everything that which stands before him.
Ruler of the universe.
The mark of worship.
How can anyone be disappointed in that?
Your discouraged heart is always examined by his majesty.

What is your objective when you become a corpse?
Where are you going?
What is your destination, if it is the designated place at the end of a journey?

For years scientist have create artificial intelligence. They demonstrate creative talents, as well as their brilliance.
In ancient history, the creation of AI is described as accidental. Our efforts to design and imitate. To construct "the gods."
So if REASON is the reason for the existence of the gods, why is it REASON cannot be the reason God exists?
We have simply birthed a species with no soul.
Are we simply being delusional?
Why do we deliver such sad emptiness?
Why can't we just believe in the creator of everything, just as much as we have faith to spend infinite amounts of money on the physical things of this wretched world?

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