If the Cemetery Had a Pair of Eyes

If the cemetery had a pair of eyes,
he would see the carcasses occupying his organs of mineral and dirt.
He would blush at the flowers being draped over his body,
and wince at the stone tombs being engraved in his skin.
He would tear up at the lively, visiting the lifeless
and only he would be able to witness the loneliness of the departed,
and hear the relieved sighs of the dead when they are reunited.
In the ground.
In the afterlife.
How silent this park, filled with forever sleeping souls,
watered by tears and fertilized with endless prayers.
Guarded with statues of solitude and saints,
stretching their shadows across the ever green yard.
As if to protect the ones who've praised them in life.
He would close his eyes at night,
and sing lullabyes by using instruments
of wind and rustling trees
to sooth the already calmed.
So peaceful, so serene.
If only the cemetery had a pair of eyes.

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