If there was a key to heaven
Then this is what it would look like to me
It would have to be forged in Gods truth for all to see
Sealed in his promise to all that believe
Magnified for all mankind to receive
The power of choice he gave us all epically

Charging this key with the faith of his divine holiness
Allowing us to bear witness
To the truth that so many dismiss
Stained with Jesus blood for all eternity
So that our sins would be washed free
Giving us the ability to see his healing hands

To understand the truth behind such a key
That God gives us so willingly
Blessing it with the knowledge of his personal guarantee
Of his kingdom where we can roam free
Would unlock any mystery
That his plan has in store for you and me

Bringing clarity and strength without jeopardy
Of our souls that are set free
From the evil Satan cast on to thee
Backing it all up with the Bible so clearly
This is what such a key would look like to me
Offered to all of mankind that will come to be
The power of choice controlling our destiny

In such a compelling documentary
That such a key exist for all his children to see
The love and understanding he gives us equally
Giving us his mighty strength to go the whole length
To fight any hold Satan cast onto thee
Making it possible for our journey to see
The holy spirit upon all that will come to be
In God promise of security

In what this key would look like
When he hands it to you and me
Letting our souls live throughout eternity
Just like Gods bible said it would be
Him loving all that were able to see
The promise he made to you me
A place in heaven free as the air we breath

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This Poems Story

When we accept God in our hearts then this is when our life begins unlocking heavens gate where he awaits.