If These Walls Could Speak

If these walls could speak, they would tell an unbelievable story
Of ups and downs, both hunky and dory
Of growth of courage and loss of glory
Of booms and busts from every category

If these walls could speak, secrets would be revealed
That of trades and purchases that should have been sealed
They would describe open wounds that should be concealed
If these walls could speak , what a sword it would wield

But a mouth on a wall is gasoline to a flame
Put them together and it will never be tamed
Teachers rebel students expelled and the walls would be to blame
If these walls could speak, nothing would be the same

Darkness would come to light
What happened here last night?
Who won and lost the fight?
Did the janitors do their job right ?

All answers that we the people seek
But no way to get answers, no matter the technique
I would beg and plead, implore and entreat
To find the answers.... IF ONLY these walls could speak

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