If They Knew

Truth is a lot of people think im perfect
Truth is a lot of people wanna be like me
But i dont know why
They look at me and say why do i call my self ugly
When i look so pretty and my hair and clothes is always on point
But if they knew how many times i poped a bottle of pill to O.D.
But god kept me here
If they knew how many times my mom abandon me
If they knew my dad rather me go to a shelter then take care of me
If they knew my brother blacked my eye before
Beat my ass like i was a nigga on the street
If they knew that i sat in bed all day when i don't come to school
Depressed and cry and cry because i have no one to talk to
If they knew i was a suicidal, depressed, ugly, fat, black girl
If they knew I written this poem what would they say
If they knew the LAKIA RENEE was going through all this
What could they do
But only if you knew

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