If time could stand still

(Verse 1)
I wanna take this so far but I ain’t no extremist
All the things that you could do to me, I can’t believe this
A vision I see this, how could not be this
Turn my world so bright that it seem like a lunar eclipse
My love for you strong as the sunlight
I wanna hold you next to me all night
My world bright, because you’re alive
And you know I protect you with all my might
Your body has the best tempo
And you know that I take a step slow
No death row, no strep throat but you know I want nothing but the best though
If time could stand still, like a frozen windmill
We would have no time to kill, just you and me until
Forever, so never, and I won’t get pulled in by a tether
I’m like hey, how’s your day, I see you chillin in lingeries
(Verse 2)
I never been a backstabber, no, you know that I only stay loyal
And we ain’t never getting separated cause you know that we tied like coil
You so deep like the soil, and I know you wrapped in that foil
I be melting like boil, but I know you bout to set me on broil
My head be swinging like a pendulum and I nothing like the rest of us
Im’a show you nothing but the best of us
No rent it up, just spent it up, and you I be heading up
You know I be wishing you the best of luck, we be on that man I get a cup yeah
(Verse 3)
Girl I be coming at you my way, I could do It fast but ain’t no flyweight
I fly away, to my place, you know that I’m good where I stay
On a nice day, it’s right bae, and I know we should do it tonight babe
Eat my cake, and i might say, that you always brighten up my day
I had to gather my stamina, you know that god has plans for us,
Im’a get up all them bands for us
I plan for once, I stand for once, and I know baby you need a man for one
My homies always done ran it up, and when you melting girl I fan it up yeah
(verse 4)
So round like a grandfather clock, I been a phony but I’d rather stop
Your body a sexy hourglass, and I’ma do it when a hour pass
No sour patch, just flower bags, and you I be up where that tower at
These haters ain’t show no emotions, there’s things in life hey don’t notice
I stay focused, so devoted, and girl I know you know my motives yeah

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about love signifying how if time stood still, there would be nothing else to do and two people could be in love forever.