If Trees Could Talk

If I were a tree
I probably would tell you
How beautiful the heavens were and
How many families found a home inside of me
There were the Robins, the Sparrows were here too
Mr. and Mrs. Squirrel raised a slew or two here
I had the Ravens here once and the Blackbirds over for lunch
Had a red-tailed hawk who stopped by one fall
But didn't stay long at all
Had a red-headed woodpecker
Who was bound to peck through my bark way into dark
The Squirrels chased him away
The Blackbirds dropped acorns on his head till he fled

A family moved in the house below with two boys and two girls
Who climb up into my branches and peeked into the Robins' nest
Who got awfully upset
But since they caused no harm retreated to a false alarm
They tied a rope and tire on one of my arms
And swung like the breeze in the air
I grew old and no longer had green leaves
It was a sad day for me
When the woodsman's chainsaw started cutting my branches away
I felt helpless as there on the ground I laid
But I'll always remember the families that lived inside of me
Yes that's what I would say if I were a tree

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