If Walls Could Talk

The ash tree loved the hard stone wall.
Spring's surging sap split her lithe, young trunk
Just beneath the brim of his peaked cap,
And stuck her to him
For as long as they both shall live.

It was a simple forest marriage.
Man and nature had found a way
To create an almost human love.
Without shame, she opened her lips
To let his rocky elements enter in,
Whatever it is that makes a wall.

Every Spring they will renew their vow.
In Summer, she will dapple his sunlight
And shower him with leaves in the Fall.
As Winter deepens, they will don white cloaks.
Her boughs heavy laden will bend down near, even
As he begins to crumble
And less by less resemble a wall.

Finally she will shudder and topple.
Their children will scatter across the brambled floor.
Mosses and lichens will devour her once smooth skin
And pebbles will hide forever in the bog.
Those who pass will see not longer
The fair young ash cling
To her beloved wall.

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