If We Lived in an Upside-Down World

By Birdie    Avatar

What If everything we know,
what flipped completely upside down,
What is ceiling wall and floor
We're flip flopped all around?
What is nasty mean and vile,
were happy kind and sweet,
What if desert were nasty mushrooms
And dinner sugary treats?
What it wet was dry as a desert,
And dry was soaked all through?
What if the sky was green,
and the grass was vibrant blue?
What if wide awake
Was really fast asleep
What would we do if flat
Countertops were really very steep?
What if a dream was reality
And reality a dream
What if utter chaos
Made the perfect team?
Then if we wanted darkness
we would turn on all the lights
And every shadow on the wall
Would be extremely bright.
What if high were very low
And low were very high
What if every burst of laughter
Was a mournful sigh?
What if every ugly thing
Was glamorously pretty
and every common passerby
Was a celebrity?
What if we wore sweaters
In the heat of afternoon
What if forever
Was happening very soon?

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