If We Never Listen To Another

We sometimes fear what we do not know
Therein lies the problem with no room to grow

If we were always leery and never went astray
How would we evolve enough to survive in any way

There are things we should obviously take to heed
Instead we're with false hope planting the seed

If this life were not meant to be explored by man
What then is our purpose, reason, or our plan

Why can't we just take enough and leave the rest
Because we are greedy and want nothing but best

We become this greedy way and take until we can't anymore
None the wiser of the plans from our planet that are in store

Maybe if we're lucky another generation will come along
And they will take heed to warning and not get it wrong

Please young people for your own sake try to get it right
We don't want to die off out of mind and out of sight

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    This Poems Story

    I often wonder what it is that motivates the rest of the world. There are tyrants and there are the ones who fall victim to those. Which one am I ? A victim I suppose. I could never see me with a fake persona and a black heart. Which are [what I believe to be] common character traits in a tyrant. Nonetheless I hope someday we realize what we are doing and stop the worldly destructive ways of ours and all to come.