If You Could See Me

If you could see me, Mommy, this is what you would see,

the miracle God created in you the day that He made me.

I have ten tiny fingers now and a cute little button nose.

Every day I hear your voice the love inside me grows.

I do not know your face yet but I know how your heart beats.

I can hardly wait until the day when our eyes finally meet.

I can't wait to see your beauty, I know because God told me.

He put me in your life to change it, to make it the best it could be.


In the blink of an eye, one split second, my mind goes black,

from the searing pain that radiates from my neck down to my back.

My lungs are still so small, yet they instinctively start crying.

It falls upon deaf ears, I've barely lived and now I'm dying.

I imagine the warmth of your embrace as I lay here on the floor.

Forgotten by the one God gave me who chose to love me no more.

I'll never get to see your face, feel your touch, see you smile,

or know what it would be like to rock with you a while.

I'll never see the sun shine or go swimming in a lake.

I'll never color pictures for you or eat my first birthday cake.

I'll never go to school and make a best friend or two.

I'll never get to meet my daddy or marry and say,"I do."

I'll never grow up to be the person that God created me to be.

All because of one decision that took it all away from me.

But don't you worry Mommy because I'm not in pain anymore.

I'm in Heaven with God now, He said He'll love me forever more.

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