If You Could See My Thoughts

If you could see my thoughts, I'm sure you'd have a lot to say.
If you could see my thoughts, I'm quite sure you would run away.
You would see darkness, pain, and hurt on the surface.
You'd see my deepest, most inner thoughts all scrambled in a mess.
But if you dug a little deeper, I'm positive that you would find,
a bit of compassion and love, buried within my mind,
The darkness is a shield, to protect my fragile heart,
It protects me from caring to much, about those who will eventually part.
I use the darkness so nobody gets to close,
I'm like the thorns on a fresh cut rose,
Because once I open up and let them see my beauty they leave,
And that's why I worked so hard not to wear my heart on my sleeve,
So if you could see my thoughts, you'd definitely have a lot to say,
If you could see my thoughts I just know you'd run away.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about being so scared of someone seeing the true you and not telling them what's on your mind cuz your so scared of them running away.